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Packhorse Covert Tray for 6G Bronco 2-Door

Packhorse Covert Tray for 6G Bronco 2-Door


The Packhorse Covert adds additional room to secure cargo to your 2-Door Bronco without having to remove your rear seats. The Covert is a foldable tray that when it is not in use will stow away tucked up behind your rear seats.

When you need that extra space just fold down your rear seats, pull the Covert assembly down and latch to your existing Packhorse slide out mounts and fold out the front portion of the tray.

Instantly you will have an 40" wide by 30" deep cargo tray to secure coolers, fridge/freezers, storage bins, you name it.

Need extra room for larger items or to stretch out in your Bronco? When your rear seats are folded down the Covert can be folded up and latched down on top of your Packhorse slide out to fill the void that the open cargo area creates.


Product Description

CNC laser fabrication from 11G Aluminum.

Premium Gas Struts hold the Covert secured up behind the rear seats when not in use.

Powder coated in matte black finish. Color matching or custom colors additional.

Can be purchased as a stand alone kit (select floor mounts), addition to your existing 2-Door Standard Packhorse or as a complete system with the Packhorse Cargo Tray.

The Packhorse Covert is designed to secure items using buckle style lashing straps for roto-molded coolers, 12V fridge/freezers, storage bins, etc.

Anti-skid tray liners available.


***The Covert in the above images is shown mounted to the 2-Door Packhorse Standard Kit.  The 2-door Packhorse is not included but is available as an add-on assembly***

***When placing your order you must choose a mounting option.  Choose none if you already own a 2-Door Packhorse Standard.*** 

  • Shipping, Returns, Maintenance, and Safety

    IMPORTANT SHIPPING STATEMENT - To offer our customers the best rates on shipping, we shop for the best rates available from multiple carriers. After your order is received we check the current rates and lock in the lowest rate for your order. You will receive a separate invoice for shipping when your order is weighed and ready to ship.

    Returns - This item is eligible for return in the original shipping package.  Item must be in new and unused condition with security tag in place.  All return shipping expenses are the customer's responsibility.

    Safety Warning - The Packhorse Cargo System is designed for use in overland, camping and off-road environments.  Due to the harsh environments and terrain that the Packhorse maybe be subject too, the consumer releases Wicked Relics Off-Road LLC from all liability associated with the use of this cargo system.  **For systems that utilize extending locking slides.  Although the slide manufacturer states a load carrying capacity of 400 lbs, it is the responsibility of the consumer to evenly distribute the weight of any items secured in the Packhorse tray.  It is also the responsibility of the consumer to appropriately secure all items placed in the Packhorse tray to decrease the risk of damage or injury to persons and property in the event of an accident.  It is best practice to always place the heaviest items towards the front of the tray (closest to the rear seats) as not to create a fulcrum when the tray and slides are extended.  By purchasing this product the consumer realizes that this vehicle accessory requires routine care and maintenance to continue to function safely.  The Packhorse Cargo System is not designed for sitting or standing on and the manufacturer is not liable any damage to the vehicle or injury to persons or animals related to using the Packhorse in any manner other than designed.  The recommend weight capacity to ensure a long and worry free service life is 250 lbs.  

    Care - slides only require cleaning with compressed air if visibly dirty.  Extend the tray completely and apply compressed air to all tracks.  Add a quality multi use lubricant or dry lubricant to slide tracks approx every 6" and open and close the tray to disperse the lubricant.  Routinely check all fasteners on the Packhorse slides as well as hardware mounting your Packhorse to your vehicle's factory cargo mounting points.

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